"Stay Solid" Youth Yoga Session.

Stay Solid Mental Health and YogiTB is hosting a youth yoga session for GOOD Projects Learning Center in the Green Leaf Community in SW Washington DC, Yoga is an outlet to help everyone relax their minds and unwind from daily struggles. Stay Solid Mental Health hybrid (in-person and virtual) event will feature in-depth yoga techniques with YogiTB, who will discuss personal mental health challenges, and describe how yoga reshaped her journey. Stay Solid Mental Health is constantly creating unique ways to raise awareness and help its community gain control over their minds by participating in wellness activities, instead of turning to substance abuse or violence as an outlet. Stay Solid Mental Health is taking strides to show youth, teens and young adults that it’s “okay” and healthy to talk about their private struggles with depression, stress, anger, and other effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Every aspect of the Stay Solid Mental Health has been carefully curated for one to feel encouraged, renewed with a positive mindset, and motivated to become mentally fit.

Source: Youtube