The Standing Tall Podcast episode 1A

Johan Fritz is our very special and first guest on the Standing Tall Podcast which recounts his experiences as a USA marine and his journey during and post his service.

The topics we cover in this short documentary style podcast include:

Johans time in the US Marines

post military life and readjusting to the civilian world

how he managed to recover from alcohol addition

healing modalities that Johan has to share

Johan and Matt’s detailed accounts of having a near death experience and how his life changed from service to self, to service to others.

What’s it feel like not having a body

Meeting the creators of our realm

Codependency and triggers and how to break the chains of behaviour that lead us to addictions, toxic relationships and self destructive behaviour.

This show is just an introduction into Johan Fritz, and just a glimpse into this incredible testimony like no other I’ve ever heard from
anyone else here on planet earth. 🌍


While Johan was in the Marine Corp as a Kruger Officer. From there he was transferred into the MDF, and later Nacht Waffen. He has done over 40 years of service and eventually made it to executive level management aboard the USS Patton. He was also C/O of the Franklin for 15 years.

Johan doesn’t sell books, nor make money telling his story.

He generously donates his time telling his truth about his experiences and for that I give him kudos as it’s not easy opening up about the content the podcast dives into.

Matt MQ bio

Matt MQ the host is drawn to the subject of PTSD, Trauma, and the unknown realms as he himself experienced and NDE and unexplained tactile “coma dreams” after an aviation accident that had him survive against all odds and unexplained memories that he woke up with.

For years Matt was traumatised by his experiences from the coma and remains unexplained and sent him searching for answers, and more questions, eventually leading him to start the standing tall podcast to cover both ptsd, and the myriad of life experiences people have and topics that bend the rules of conventional beliefs, someone’s gotta do it!

Seeking his own answers, Matt finally found common threads of testimony that start to “connect some dots”. His first guest Johan Fritz certainly has testimony that Matt experienced, and far beyond! His story is mind blowing.

Matt is passionate about sharing his story and testimony from many others to show people that healing from trauma and addictions can be done, and whatever you’ve experienced whether believable or not, remember, you’re not alone. And no two life
experiences are the same.

And the journey of humanities future relies on compassion, evidence, sharing and consideration beyond our accepted belief systems, as they were all programmed in each and everyone of us and it’s time to break through the veil. Well, it’s pretty much broken with this podcast now 😂

The Standing Tall Podcast 2.0

Standing tall podcast episode 1B with Johan Fritz (Part 2) will see Matt MQ discuss much deeper topics with Johan that include out of this world testimony and his opinions with upcoming world events and technologies including “when he thinks disclosure is
Coming”. And we unpack the importance of Australia in space as the host Matt is Australian, so some of the show leans towards down under, which is relevant you’ll discover.

A show you can’t miss, but you’ll have to be patient as it takes along time to edit shows together with footage throughout. A show that goes way above Mach 10.

Until then, Peace Love and Light.

Matt MQ

[Disclaimer: any guest that presents their bio, recall, testimony, assertions of service, and/or their recounts of performed duties in service takes their own responsibility for what they share, and is not the responsibility of the standing tall podcast. and any guest adhere to their own NDA formalities and procedures and it’s their responsibility to get their own clearance by their chain of command protocols. It is assumed that any guest has prior approval of their discussions and is the responsibility of any guest to be certain of their testimony and disclosure. Especially pertaining to any military personnel and/or contractors whether in acting duty, or retired.]

[The standing tall podcast is for entertainment and philosophy purposes and is no way medical advice in nature and should be considered as entertainment, no different than watching a tv show or a movie in the form of a persons testimony.]

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