Soldier's Heart (2020) – post-Civil War Short Film

Summary – Soldier’s Heart (2020) is a post-Civil War film about John (Thomas Clay Strickland), a soldier who has recently returned from the Civil War. John experiences flashbacks from the mental and emotional wounds he has suffered during battle, preventing him from physically returning home. Not understanding his trauma, he sets up a camp on his property in an attempt to continue living as a soldier. He spends the majority of his time in the swamps and marshes that surround his coastal Georgia home. His daughter Sarah (Merrik Foune), who wants her father back, tries to find a way to help John return home. Seeking guidance from her grandmother (Sheril Rodgers), she attempts to build a relationship with her suffering father.

Directors Statement – When I first started researching post-Civil War life, I was immediately struck by the fact that they didn’t have a good understanding of what post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was, initially thinking that it was a heart condition. Homer, Shakespeare, and Dickens all wrote about symptoms that we now recognize as being PTSD. I want to inform the audience that PTSD is something that has existed for a long time and that it is something that soldiers have had to deal with through every major war. It took on different names such as Soldier’s Heart, Shell Shock, Combat Fatigue, until it was finally properly diagnosed in recent history. This film is about healing and showing that, with support and perseverance, PTSD can be overcome even in the most challenging of situations.


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