Slavery, Racism, and Psychological Trauma

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This last week of our Mental Health Awareness Month, Joe and Pat breakdown Slavery, Racism, & Psychological Trauma. Many people wonder why black people in America are in the unique position of being a people who are powerful and capable of creating their own destiny, can still be negatively affected by slavery in 2021? African people were kidnapped and terrorized by Europeans for over 500 years, sustaining constant physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and mental trauma, generation after generation. After legal slavery was ended, black Americans continued to experience trauma from white Americans. If we have experienced over 500 years of trauma, how long would it take to overcome the trauma. Also, can we accept the trauma but learn to excel as a group despite the trauma. Tune in to hear what they have to say.

00:00 Intro & Sponsor
03:09 Thoughts on “The Psychological Effects of Slavery
05:37 The Context of Our Condition
05:59 How long should it take to get over slavery
10:25 Intergenerational Cultural Trauma Theory
11:34 Overall Health
22:50 Poverty and Racism
48:54 Terror Management Theory
53:35 PTSS – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

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