Shrooms, LSD, Molly in Medicine? | Durags and Brunch S2E2 Clip

A major and growing prediction is that magic mushrooms, LSD/acid, and molly are going to make their way into modern medicine as soon as THIS YEAR!!

DMARE talks about trials that combine MDMA and LSD. There is also evidence out there that tells us mushrooms can help treat depression. Ketamine is already being used to treat depression. The movement is real!

Join us for a chat about… drugs. 🌿 S2E2 clip from the DNB crew.

Facts below. As per usual, we did not read these particular links. But look at all of those edu’s. ⬇️

Mushrooms and depression –

Ketamine and depression –

Legalizing mushrooms in Oregon –

Hard dugs used for medicine medicine –

Source: Youtube