Serial spitter faces court for allegedly assaulting paramedic

Indigenous activist Leilani Clarke who was previously convicted of spitting at and assaulting police and paramedics she calls “white dogs” has faced court on a new assault charge. The glamorous young aboriginal woman has been charged for the fifth time in less than 18 months of violence towards an officer. This time her alleged victim is a female ambulance officer aged in her late 40s or early 50s. In court today a charge of obstructing or hindering an ambulance officer in the execution of her duty was withdrawn, and replaced with a charge of common assault. The alleged assault happened between 3am and 4.10am on Wednesday, February 13. Clarke, who has entered a plea of not guilty, will face a three-hour hearing in the Downing Centre Local Court on July 29. The court heard today five witnesses for the prosecution and one defence witness will testify at the hearing.Leilani Clarke has been charged with assaulting a female ambulance officer.Source:Facebook Clarke, who turned 21 years old two weeks ago, was arrested in the early hours of February 13 this year in Annandale after an incident with a female paramedic. She was convicted four times in 2018 of assaulting paramedics or police, one of whom she kneed in the testicles. Last year, Clarke also called a female officer a “white c**t”, stole from a suburban 7-Eleven, and smashed up a suburban house. But she has described a series of reports on her court appearances as “s**t” and “colonial propaganda”. And she says, “I don’t even call myself Australian.” Talking late last year on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIISFM, Clarke described court reports as “disgusting”. “(There is) a situation of oppression. These articles are used to justify 250 years of colonisation,” Clarke said. “These articles enable that.”Clarke suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.Source:FacebookShe has pleaded not guilty to the latest charge.Source:Instagram Clarke claims to suffer from “transgenerational trauma”, inherited through her indigenous DNA and from complex post traumatic stress disorder. She admitted to Kyle Sandilands that she had consumed “alcohol definitely” before each of the previous assaults. But she said “I don’t need to validate myself. “I want to say sorry to my mob. With any of these articles I never intended to hurt anyone … and force my intentions on a collective.” exclusively reported Clarke had come before magistrates in Sydney for assaulting officers three times last year since she appeared in a Queensland court in January 2018. Clarke, who is a member of Fraser Island’s Butchulla community, pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Local Court to attacking police while drunk at a nightclub. At the Hervey Bay watchhouse, said, “F**k off you sl*t” before kicking an officer, and later pleading guilty to cannabis possession.Clarke told Kyle Sandilands she wanted ‘to say sorry to my mob’.Source:FacebookThe 21-year-old will appear in court again in June.Source:Facebook Clarke told Kyle and Jackie she could

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