Season 2 Ep 50 Celebrate and Support Nurses with PTSD-during and after Covid- w/Michele Thomson

While Michele is working in a leadership role, overseeing 2 Long Term Care facilities, they have always had short staffing issues. But with the worldwide health crisis, there have been an increase in staffing issues. We talk today about many of those issues that were brought on and intensified by the Covid-19 Pandemic for nurses and other front-line workers. Her appreciation and love for her nursing staff is one that I had to share to support our nurses during nurses week!
• How did she handle the news of their 1st positive case in their facilities over a year into it?
• What does she stress to her staff for self-care?
• What message does she have for nurses and front-line workers all over the world, esp during Nurses Week?
Find out in this episode!
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