Sad Scene from ReBoot. :(

A sad scene from the groundbreaking computer animated sci-fi action comedy adventure series ReBoot. In this scene from Season 3’s “Mousetrap”, Enzo Matrix apologizes to Bob when he aimed his pistol at Ray Tracer and the Web Riders and feels he has disappointed Bob. Bob tells Matrix he is proud of him for bringing the Web Riders and the Crimson Binome crew together and for rescuing him. I really felt bad for poor Matrix in this scene and my heart sunk for him. Matrix was obviously suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Matrix had been through hell: Megabyte launching Bob into the Web. Matrix losing his eye. Becoming a renegade and traveling from system to system with AndrAla and Frisket to find Bob and bring him home to Mainframe. I understood his pain.

Source: Youtube