Robert Clark Motorcycle Accident – Burt Clark Motorcycle Accident

Robert Clark Motorcycle Accident – A Marine veteran who appeared in the hit MTV show Catfish was killed in a freak motorcycle accident three months ago. Robert Brian Clark died in Birmingham, Alabama in December 2016, as reported by MTV Wednesday. He was 33 years old. The US Marine veteran appeared on a 2013 episode of the MTV reality series. According to, Clark was riding his black Yamaha FZ-6R motorcycle when he ‘became airborne while crossing a set of railroad tracks.’ Clark was then struck by a passing motorist. The crash occurred at 5pm and he was pronounced dead on scene at 5.20pm. Catfish fans might remember Clark from his appearance during season two show. In the episode, an optimistic Jesse Bettinger enlists the help of Nev Shulman and Max Joseph to see if the man she’s been Facebook romancing for three-years is the real deal after flaking on two different plans to meet in real life. When they’re able to track Robert down, the former Marine appears to be exactly who he says he is and he and Jesse have an instant connection. Despite their chemistry, the pair decide not to pursue a long distance relationship. Bettinger took to Facebook to share her condolences to Robert’s friends and family after learning of the accident back in December. ‘I’ll never forget our good times,’ she wrote alongside several photos of the veteran. She added, ‘Your struggle is finally over.’ The former Marine was said to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which does not appear to have factored into the December tragedy.

Source: Youtube