Reordering Your Brain Through C-PTSD Recovery

Mark Smith discusses the concept that C-PTSD is not a disorder, but rather a healing reordering of the brain with poetry and quotes from Peter Levine, Teryn O’Brian, Pete Walker. This video was originally released in November of 2016.

Fight for Your Heart – Teryn O’Brian 11-12-14
When the world
crushes you with dream-killing deceit,
ripping back the curtains of reality
to show you the trickster lurking in
promising happiness and home
yet offering emptiness in the end…
Fight for your heart.
When the world
laughs at you in a soul-draining circle,
as you stand in the middle
feeling alone, awkward,
because you are strange
and they never let you forget it…
Fight for your heart.
When the world
breaks your love in glass-shattering pain,
and the chest throbs with
the splinters of rejection and happily
in this messy world
so unlike the fairy tales of youth…
Fight for your heart.
When the world
steals your cherished ones in bone-chilling finality
before you even say goodbye,
and you feel the aching chasm
and weep with the anguish of light
by the overwhelming darkness
of tragedy unspeakable…
Despite it all,
Fight for your heart.

Source: Youtube