Rape Trauma, PTSD & Anxiety . Former ADULT ENTERTAINER turnes Spiritual !

Short Story of My Life
This is My First YouTube Videos, the rest of uploaded Videos are from my IGTV collection : @cristinasilivestru11_11 INSTAGRAM

I am a Former 🔞 Camgirl, who was lost in the Matrix, blinded By Illusions, Money, Power.

Today I have Quit Erotic Shows (since October 2018) & I am a SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER who 🧘‍♂️ almost on a Daily Basis to Heal My Mind &Soul from My Multiple Life Traumas (Rape, Witnessing Domestic Violence for 20yrs in My 👪, raised by Emotionally Unavailable Parents, Alcoholic Father & many others) & to heal also My Body that Got Sick 3&hlf yrs Ago with ASTHMA & URTICARIA (as a Result of My repeated Traumas, Anxiety, Agoraphobia etc)

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