PTSD worldwide .org

Founded in 2009, PTSD Worldwide is non-profit organization comprised of veteran volunteers who are committed to guiding our nation’s soldiers on their path to living a productive and fulfilling life after combat. PTSD Worldwide signature characteristic is its combat veteran volunteers who mentor, advise and assist other veterans suffering from post traumatic stress (PTSD).

PTSD Worldwide assists veterans in a number of ways. First, it provides a forum, or safe zone, called the Safe Soldier Zone Program. Veterans come together and share their combat and post combat experiences with other veterans. They also exchange dialogue directly with those who share common challenges and can offer assistance in coping with the adjustment to peaceful society.

Furthermore, with the encouragement of their peers, combat veterans are assured that it is indeed normal and suitable to seek further counselling if necessary. PTSD Worldwide is one of the best tools at helping combat veterans overcome the stigma within the military of seeking help in coping with post traumatic stress.

Second, PTSD Worldwide serves as an advocacy organization which draws attention and awareness to combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress. PTSD Worldwide not only reaches out to other veterans, but to public officials, government representatives and the public at large.

Source: Youtube