PTSD Rage: How to Embrace Your Fury (PTSD and Anger)

Hi, I’m Leif E. Greenz and I have a rage problem. My anger is a product of severe sexual trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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In today’s episode of Toolbox Tuesday, I’ll explain the origins of PTSD rage and provide you with tools to embrace and channel that fury, rather than turning it inwards or hurting your loved ones.

Rage, once triggered, is difficult to control. I’ll help you figure out how to let your rage out gradually, rather than all at once, so that you can preserve your meaningful relationships while still processing important emotions.

At its core, our rage is designed to help us survive. It is motivating, energizing, and it encourages us to act in the face of danger. If left unchecked, though, our rage can rear its head at inappropriate moments and at people who don’t deserve it.

For those with trauma: your rage is normal. You have the right to be angry.

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