PTSD Awareness Month: IPGA-SF Delhi State Team

As is the case with any mental health-related issue, PTSD, an acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that remains in the abyss of ignorance and massive stigma in our society as well as popular culture, apart from the occasional scenes in War Dramas.

To define it in the simplest terms, PTSD is a major mental health condition in which a person is unable to recover after being a witness to a terribly frightening event or experiencing a gruesome ordeal. When triggered, severe mental and physical reactions take place, symptomized by nightmares, flashbacks, depression, anxiety, avoidance of certain situations, heightened reactions, etc.

IPGA-SF observed the month of June as ‘PTSD Awareness Month’ in order to raise the much-needed awareness among the masses, about this psychiatric disorder, starting from the young students of pharmacy.

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