PTSD & Anxiety: Survival Behaviours, Teamwork & Resilience

Webinar by the AIA and Weizmann UK

Even before the outbreak of a traumatic global pandemic, we were living in troubling times. From the innumerable stresses and strains of modern life and the mixed blessings posed by the immediacy of digital technology to recent political upheaval and economic uncertainty, there is little doubt that our mental health is increasingly being put under enormous pressure. The question is how do our brains cope with all that is being thrown at them and why do some struggle more than others?

In this talk we cover the latest developments in this fascinating and all too relevant field from our panel of distinguished experts from the UK and Israel.

Prof Rony Paz, Weizmann Institute of Technology
Prof Neil Greenberg, King’s College London
Prof Sir Simon Wessley, King’s College London
Moderator: Richard Sloggett, Senior Health Fellow, Policy Exchange

Source: Youtube