Psychiatry profession dismissive of trauma. Angry. Bipolar, PTSD. Voice.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Officially diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and mild social anxiety disorder. It took until my mid-40s to finally get the correct diagnoses.

I had been told by multiple doctors for over 2 decades that I had treatment resistant depression and needed to stay on antidepressants ‘for life’. The medical parts of my novel, Pet Purpose are nearly all full memoir. The characters are composites for disguise and efficiency.

I am very disillusioned with the psychiatry profession, especially now as there is a push to medicate young children with antipsychotics etc, which are very potent drugs.

I am angry in this video, if you can’t tell. Is very rare for me to feel emotion of anger and I still have it shut down.

Psychiatrists, in my experience have only been interested in what they can medicate. In my case, bipolar. They weren’t interested in trauma. Psychologists eventually diagnosed and started treating the PTSD.

Meds don’t take away all my symptoms. The side effects can make things worse. I came to a compromise of minimally medicated as otherwise I am too zombified to work or drive at all. Currently, I work and drive a little.

My ACC assessment (a one hour interview) for a measly lump sum payout came back under threshold at 5%. I am going to appeal as doing this on principle. To risk being dismissed, which I was.

After recording this video, I received the report which had several errors in it, including saying that I was hospitalised in a different state in Australia to which I was. Assessed at 10%, but then put half to bipolar so reduced to 5%. Ridiculous.

One of the core themes of Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice was being dismissed. E-book is currently free on Amazon until 27 May. Reviews appreciated.

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