Professor Kim Felmingham, PhD (Keynote speech)

“What is PTSD and what it looks like across workplaces”.

This presentation describes the key clinical features of PTSD, including the current diagnostic criteria, accompanying clinical presentations, functional outcomes and common comorbid conditions that present with PTSD.

The talk will present data on the prevalence and presenting features of PTSD across varying workplace settings, including first-responders (paramedics, fire-fighters, police), defence, primary health care settings, drug and alcohol services, and forensic settings.

Prevalence rates and important issues for consideration will be highlighted in relation to PTSD in these workplace settings and the heterogeneity of PTSD presentations will be highlighted.

Recorded as part of WorkSafe Tasmania PTSD: “Mental Health Matters” Conference, 14th October 2019.

Content Warning:
These videos address issues relating to post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions. Please be aware that presentations may contain content and imagery that may be confronting or cause distress.

Source: Youtube