Posttraumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] – Great [OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO]

First song from upcoming [PTSD] album [BLACKLIST].

Great was written and arranged by [PTSD] and P. Samuel Disorder. Produced by P. Samuel Disorder and [PTSD]. Lyrics written by P. Samuel Disorder.



Did you tell the truth or just another white lie?
I am drowning in a nightmare and I can’t escape
A million dark desires keep on haunting me
The pressure of my sickness doesn’t grant me a break

Take this as a chance to kill the demons in me
It’s just another prayer for a dream to come true
I locked the reasons for my sneer in my filthy heart
Cause I’m not sure if pleasure really is better than pain

Did I lock the door to stay in control?
Or did I lose control by an unlocked door?

Love is more than a secret
A secret is more than love
The Circle is heading for itself
And I am drowning in untold secrets

Did you lock your heart? Great!
Did you ever lose faith? Great!
Did you ever get betrayed? Great!

Just a simple word and my life is lost
The blindfold doesn’t help to stop me on the brink.

Lyrics published by kind permission. All rights reserved. (c) 2019. traumaweb records

Source: Youtube