Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Suffers.

nxiety disorders encompass a number of medical conditions deal with anxiety, and one of

these conditions in particular is post-traumatic stress disorder.

Unlike other mental illnesses, post-traumatic stress disorder has nothing to do with


It is purely derived from your experiences in the past.

Millions of people deal with post-traumatic stress disorder every year, and if you know

someone who has had one of the following experiences, you should keep a watchful eye in

order to be sure that post-traumatic stress disorder does not develop.

The largest group of people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is veterans.

While at war, veterans are exposed to a number of horrible things, including death,

destruction, injury too horrible to imagine, famine, abandonment of children, and rage.

Often war is a time of terror, and this takes a toll on mental health.

When these military personnel return home, there is often an inability to mesh back into

normal society, which is why you’ll se a number of homeless veterans still today.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common, and many veterans experience dreams of their

times in the service.

Accidents can also cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

You may find that you cannot remember a car accident if you suddenly wake up in the


This may not be due to brain injuries, but rather to your brain blocking these memories

because they are too difficult to bear to remember.

You may also experience other symptoms typical of post-traumatic stress disorder and may

form phobias of the things that caused your accident.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect anyone, regardless of how strong of a person you

may be.

When you go through a horrifying event, it is hard to remove yourself from the scare of that


Everyone surviving something terrible will have a period of time where they feel fear or

nausea when remember the event, but if you find that these thoughts are disrupting your

daily life, you should see a doctor for treatment right away.

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