Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Self Help Cure.wmv

This is what I did on my own in conjunction with professional help to completely nullify the effects of PTSD. It took a lot of work to do this and it was extremely difficult to watch myself on the TV while editing my own personal story (which is not part of this video). My results were almost immediate. What I have done to basically overcome PTSD I have totally described here in this self-help video for you. I think it worked because I jumped on it right away not only right after but also during the extreme trauma that was taking place in my life. I do believe that this is a key issue into a faster recovery that needs to be really looked into by professionals. For many years veterans have been doing everything possible to rid themselves of this after effect, and it was a veteran who shared his method with me so many years ago now that made my vivid and improved recovery method a lot faster. My recovery took place right before my eyes with the help of a video camera and a lot of thought. Watch this, see exactly what I did, help yourself, God Bless You.

Source: Youtube