One of the biggest fallout from the corona virus experience is PTSD. It is not just front liners and key workers that may suffer, we are all vulnerable. PTSD can affect anyone and the symptoms are truly horrific. PTSD can occur when someone has endured or witnessed something so traumatic that it literally blows their mind….and not in a good way! In Part One I explain what PTSD is…how it manifests itself…who is at risk to it and I finish off by explaining what’s goes on in the brain. In the Part Two I talk solely about the treatments you can get. I look at conventional, unconventional and ‘out there’ treatments. If you are fighting PTSD or if someone you know is fighting it, then you need all the ammunition you can get. Watch video 1 to understand the nature of the beast and then video 2 to set yourself free from PTSD.

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