Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Nepal Earthquake 2015

The earthquake that hit Nepal has left many people with trauma, suffering from PTSD. Rose Foundation Nepal, an organization working to raise awareness about different types of cancer in Nepal has been conducting relief work, providing relief supplies and conducting health camps at various affected places in collaboration with international and local organizations.

During this relief process, we came across many cases where people were suffering from PTSD.

So with this video we have tried to address the issues with PTSD and hope it is of some help to people trying to overcome the problem. The video can also be used as a reference to help someone you know who is suffering from PTSD.

This video is Part 1 and on Part 2 we will have a role play between the doctor and the patient. That video can be used as a reference for even normal people to help other people suffering from PTSD.

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Source: Youtube