Post-traumatic stress disorder

ive entered a competition and its based a round a tactical fps shooter, there are 3 catorgries to the competion (custom map for the game, fanart of the game and a video based around the game) In this short 2-minute animation, I have tried to evoke some of the difficulties created by PTSD, especially on people who have served in the armed forces after they return home.
In the closing part of the animation, I have used music that I did not create. With thanks, and in accordance with the terms of the relevant public license agreement, I wish to credit the creator (LEMMiNO) of the music track (Cipher). I’ve attached the relevant link below:
LEMMiNO – Cipher 

To clarify I am not a medical professional, if you are suffering with with PTSD or anything similar, get help from a trained medical professional, do NOT take medical advice from animators on the internet. This whole video was for an a video competition it is not intended to mock or make light of this extremely harmful mental disease. Again if you are suffering with this then please get help from a medical professional.
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Source: Youtube