Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Creative and Emotive University Assignment Suzie Stanford.

The first song is a Words by Veterans Production using the words by Stephen Taylor, Troubled Minds by Suzie Stanford and military friends and final song Words by Veteran production using the words by Brian Nesbitt Clarke.

Footage used from various sources this is not my footage and I don’t claim it to be.

I am a mature university student training to be a creative producer. My passion is creating songs using our veteran’s words.

Our mission is to provide help and support, for our Armed Forces Veterans who are suffering from PTSD and other service-related conditions.
Our goal is to help our Veterans along with their families, through the power of music, media, and artistic expression.
We will provide help and support to vulnerable and socially isolated Veterans, whose lives would benefit from the tranquility of their own creative dreams to be artists within their chosen media projects, offering, mentoring, group inclusion and courses where possible!

MILITARY VETERANS CREATIVE ARTS C.I.C.(12229585) MVCA was registered with companies house on the 26th of September 2019.

Please check out our website on and our songs on YouTube

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