"Peak Performance Under Stress" S2 E6 – Sarah Dentry-Travis

The Prepared Warrior Podcast

Dr. Sarah Dentry-Travis’ is a human performance consultant and conducts research into the mechanisms of mental and physical toughness in extreme environments, specifically in military, police, and emergency first responder populations.
She has skied to the North Pole and climbed the highest mountain in Antarctica to measure human performance in challenging environments.
Dr. Dentry-Travis investigates the psychological, biological, and physiological components that enable a person to thrive in stressful, high intensity situations and continuously perform at their peak level. She served ten years in the Canadian Armed Forces with deployment.


What does your research say are the factors that lead some people to perform well under high stress conditions?

Can people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder still function well under high stress situations?

How can law enforcement officers and trainers benefit from your research?

Do you think high stress training better prepare officers for the stress they may face on the job?

What is unique to the stress faced by law enforcement compared to other high stress occupations you have studied?

And more!


Source: Youtube