PART 1- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) passed down in the "black community"

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Spirituality is a science that if not brought down to earth and made practical will seem unattainable to most people. Spirituality is not a spectator sport but it is a practice of intimacy to be brought into every area of your lifestyle. So that you can become and remain in alignment with the goddess of love and support.

Aya is a Gurvi and the owner of the spiritual lifestyle brand, A Fairy Good Life. She comes from an Ancestral lineage of Shamans from the Carribeans and Muskogee Tribe. She started her brand three years ago while living in St. Thomas. During her time on the island, she worked to build her brand and her mission of helping people to transmute darkness into light. Her goal has always been to build a business that encompasses her passion and love for primitive energy and allows her to travel. Aya recently released a new audio healing workbook called Trigger Happy. Aya currently resides in Cusco, Peru.

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