overcoming ptsd / taking full emotional responsibility for your life

I suffered tremendous domestic violence at home almost three decades of my life. Consequently I developed a wounded people-pleaser, fearing-people personality which wrecked havoc in my work-life and personal relationships and everything else. But despite all the self-destructive ways of being I acquired, I discovered a very simple and easy way of slowly restoring my life back to normal fully despite the chaos persisting around even today. This is what I wanted to share here today. I apply this even today every step of my life. Its power is discovered only when you practise it fully.

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Time Stamps for the Video:

Defining ˜Responsibility” : 3:12
||How getting resentful towards the violence-creator will not work (personal example) : 5:39
||Are you becoming defensive about being asked to take responsibility for your trauma-misery?
If yes, find out why: 8:12
|| What exactly does ‘Being Responsible’ mean: 15:14
|| Understanding how taking 100%  emotional responsibility makes you more powerful: 15:43 
||The Beauty of Taking Responsibility: 22:55
||Personal example of how I began taking FULL emotional responsibility despite watching some many traumatic circumstances and how beautifully it helped me: 24:44

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