Online Therapy for Anxiety & Depression – Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype

Online Therapy for Anxiety & Depression – Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype. Visit: to schedule a Skype therapy session.

Online Therapy for Anxiety & Depression – Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype.
Learn how to better manage anxiety and depression. Talk with a Therapist Online using Skype for highly effective online therapy for Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, OCD, Addictions, including eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress or any psychological problems that do not require medical treatment. Email me to find out more about this online psychotherapy service and to organize a therapy session with me.

This online counseling service is available world-wide, including the USA, UK and Europe. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to start online psychotherapy with me.

Specializing in Online Mindfulness Therapy over Skype for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, PTSD and Stress, Addiction Counseling, OCD and Anger Management.

Can I Talk to a Therapist Online for help with anxiety?
Yes, and online therapy is an excellent choice for treating anxiety and depression without medications.

I am a professional psychotherapist specializing in Online Therapy and Counseling via Skype. Talk to a therapist online from the comfort of your own home. This online therapy service is available in the USA, Canada, UK and world-wide to all English-speaking people.

Today, more and more people are turning to the internet for help with anxiety and depression through an Online Counseling Therapy Service. People prefer the convenience of online counseling and find it much less intimidating.This service allows you to talk and see an online therapist face-to-face, but from the comfort of your own home via Skype.

ONLINE THERAPY FOR ANXIETY – Talk to an online therapist for effective treatment for anxiety

Anxiety is a major psychological cause of mental suffering in the US and results from habitual dysfunctional reactive thinking to stressful situations that present externally, as well as thoughts, beliefs and traumatic memories that arise internally. The problem is in how we react. Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to be less reactive and more responsive. This breaks the Anxiety Habit.

ONLINE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION – Talk to an online therapist for effective treatment for depression
Depression describes a condition in which the mind reacts by contracting, and is associated with apathy, lack of energy and purpose. For serious depression you should seek medical help, but for general depression you need to build a healing relationship with your emotions. Mindfulness Therapy is an excellent choice for overcoming depression.

My specialty is Mindfulness Therapy, which works extremely well online via Skype. The focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to help you change the way you relate to your emotions so that you stop becoming a victim of the reactivity that creates so much suffering. We have to learn how to “sit” with our emotions without becoming reactive or consumed by them. It is only then, when you have a non-reactive relationship with the emotion that it can begin to change. This powerful mindfulness practice is one of the best approaches available for overcoming anxiety and depression. It is all about stopping the cycle of reactivity that feeds anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional stress.

Mindfulness Counseling Therapy Online – the modern approach for controlling anxiety, stopping panic attacks, overcoming depression and for effective stress management. Talk to a therapist online today!


The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online with mindfulness therapist, teacher and author, Peter Strong, PhD.
Skype-based Online Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia, Depression, Traumatic Stress & PTSD, Anger Management, Recovery from Addictions, Emotional Abuse Recovery, Eating Disorders & Bulimia, Insomnia, and other Emotional Problems: A convenient and effective Online Counseling Service that you can access from home or work using Skype.

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Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression
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