Noah, the Flood, and Spiritual Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Harris Bond on Genesis Chs. 8-9)

God informs us that “the intentions of man’s heart is evil from his youth,” and pastor Bond makes a brilliant connection between the consequences of sin and our mental health issues and the natural origins of evil within the human soul. If a person lives long enough, they will feel the evil effects of original sin, both due to the acts of others and due to our own shameful deeds that we all commit. The seeds of evil originate in the human heart. But in our perplexity caused by our desire to escape from evil and its inevitable flowing out from within us, we become disordered, damaged, and tied into knots internally. Because there is a desire for good in most of us, but a propensity for evil in all of us, we are all primed for a type of spiritual post-traumatic stress disorder. The New Covenant is the only cure, and the seeds of this covenant are planted on the earth after the flood, as God tells Noah, in these massively important chapters of the Bible without which we cannot understand the condition of the world in this present, evil, final Age.

Our tendency is to point our fingers outwards, and to blame other people and things as alternative causes of evil to absolve ourselves, as a species and as individuals, of fault. This causes delusional reasoning in the minds of men and women, societies and cultures, who begin to scapegoat in the spirit of self-denial. We blame whatever institutions, races, religions, ideas or political parties we can possibly link to specific acts of evil and argue about how to deal with them, instead of confronting what the plain truth is, which the Bible tells us: the unpleasant fact that we are the source of evil, and that every one of us under the right (or wrong) conditions is capable of committing all sin to the furthest extent.

The undeniable fact is that the worst evils committed on earth are committed by members of Homo sapiens, our species, human beings just like you and me. It takes courage, honesty, and faith to accept our guilt, repent and ask God for forgiveness. However, if we do that through faith in the atonement that Christ achieved for our species on the Cross, then God will change our heart, give us his Holy Spirit, forgive us and begin to cure us of our wickedness. But this regenerative process will not be complete until Christ returns, and evil will not be fully purged from any human heart, until the last day. On that day, those who are in Christ will be fully regenerated in the resurrection of the just, and those who refused to repent and believe shall all be removed from life and imprisoned in Hell forever.

Only then will perfect eternal justice be achieved, and only then will the problem of evil be solved once and for all. In the meantime, we need to protect ourselves from self-delusion and demonic deception, and from the evils resident within our own poisoned hearts, by depending upon Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit to shield us from evil and from the temptation to commit it.
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This sermon, originally entitled, “Naoh & The Flood: Tracing the Rainbow Through the Rain,” was delivered on February 21, 2010 at Knollwood Presbyterian Church in Sylacauga, Alabama, and the audio source file is here:

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