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Lets just be honest post traumatic is almost
This final album I’m making me want to
Have some fun
I put my demons in a box laid it bed
Put all the evil aside took it out of head
You have to be broken down to be a better person
A process that nearly kills you, I promise its worth it
I speak for a lot of men, when I say I’m scared
I was raised to hide emotion, like I don’t care
This mental health is an issue ain’t no comparing
strive to be better human different than my parents
Im at the point in my life where Im often offended
Like how the fuck is what I do so under represented
I talk about all the things you hide in the shadows
Expose truth out the blue I’m slinging arrows
This new album has a secret It took some
One singular problem that changed my life forever
I was embarrassed for a long time this is for you
This for the person who used me this is the truth
Im a better man now than I ever imagined
I used what you did to me to fuel my passion
Tragic hero, post traumatic stress disorder
Im about to tell the world blow it out of the water,
holding onto secrets will poison you’re health
It took me years to accept it even forgive myself
now I have a special relationship with the pain
We often hang out together, even gave him name
Things are changing so quickly, the futures, blurry
I cant see much of anything along this journey
So much of what I’ve been in life slowly is fading
I feel as if who I’m truly meant to be is awakened
My only goal in this life is to combine myself
Be who I am on stage without a beat to help
I know I shine as a rapper its like I flip a switch
With people always asking “how does he do this”
To me its just a simple thing, I did as a kid
A simple talent I learned to help me feel big
Now its manifested to something a apart of me
I cant imagine stopping it even partially
But to honest rapping isn’t feeling the same
I sacrificed my entire life for the same thing
Over and over I wonder what else I can do
What else can fill me with happiness in what I pursue
My life ended up different than everyone I know
I stay away from bad energy suppressive growth
My album tells a deep story, full of significance
What really happens when trauma meets no sign of resistance
I just lay it all in the open
Let me show you how to you can overcome your emotions

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