New Drug For Schizophrenia #newsunoviondrug

Sep 363856 is a Sunovion drug which is a major breakthrough in the treatment of schizophrenia.This compound does not block D2 receptors.It acts on th Taar1 receptor.This novel mechanism Cruise both negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia much better than the older drugs. It also illuminates any of the motor side effects of the older drugs, the metabolic problems with the older drugs and any of the endocrine problems with the older drugs such as elevation and prolactin. The safety profile of this drug appears dramatically better and it appears much more effective in reducing positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia.neuroscience research,clinical research,medical research,mental illness,schizoaffective disorder,clinical presentation of schizophrenia,national council for behavioral health,national institute of mental health,living with schizoaffective disorder,what are treatment options for schizophrenia,treatment options for schizophrenia,loved one has schizophrenia,family member with schizophrenia,schizophrenia breakthrough golden sunrise,schizoaffective disorder breakthrough golden sunrise,schizophrenia breakthrough golden sunrise pharmaceutical,schizoaffective disorder golden sunrise pharmaceutical,magnetic seizure therapy,dr brad freeman,rutgers university (college/university),introduction to schizophrenia,mental health disorder,diagnosis of schizophrenia,treatment of schizophrenia,usmle step 2,disease in pregnancy,mental illness causes,therapy (literature subject),living with schizophrenia,living with schizoaffective,causes of schizophrenia brain research,schizophrenia (disease or medical condition),post-traumatic stress disorder,brain health,mental health,mental illness,bipolar disorder,obsessive-compulsive disorder,narsad grants,behavior research,warning signs,negative symptoms,clinical presentation of schizophrenia,coping with mental illness,mental health awareness month,risk of mental illness,world mental health day,2020 cinp world congress,cinp world congres 2020,international college of neuropsychopharmacology,medicine (field of study),negative symptoms of schizophrenia,introduction to schizophrenia,mental health disorder,diagnosis of schizophrenia,treatment of schizophrenia,usmle step 2,brain awareness week,central nervous system,mental health awareness,mental health matters,we won’t rest,world congress cinp,therapy (literature subject),nordic health organization,neuroscience research australia,dove medical press,exam preparation,medical videos,medical education dopamine receptor,what are treatment options for schizophrenia,treatment options for schizophrenia UAE Thank you for your support

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