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You know, I really wouldn’t settle for using this for therapy, or problem solving. And I’d really suggest killing your bucket list. I really would. Because all the time we talk to people or not talk email with people who, after a while, they get tired of doing this because they manifested paying the bills again.

I mean, seriously, I mean, it takes just as much effort, it actually takes a lot less to imagine up what implies you’re financially free, and set that in motion as it does, to imagine up getting enough money to pay the bills. Again, thank God. It really does. I mean, I don’t know what else to say here sometimes.

Other than, I probably want more for you than you do. Because I get the nature of desire. And I get that most people have such a hard time with they do they have such a hard time admitting what they desire. As in you know, you know, what I desire, I desire to immigrate to Australia. Now, you know, if I can’t immigrate to Australia, I could at least then…

I, don’t negotiate with yourself, don’t take away from the Word of God.

Neville says that God speaks to us with the language of desire. And I’m not saying an external God out there, I’m saying the ultimate you speaks to you through the language of desire. In other words, the only way you’re going to know imagination, and, and the only way you’re going to develop to discover that your awareness of being as God and consciousness is the only reality is to actually notice your desires, and surrender to them in a way that moves you.

Moves what you think you are, and moves quote, unquote, the universe. Because it’s all inside of you, you give life to it all. It’s all inside of you. And so when someone tells me Australia’s on my bucket list, I know they’re not coming to see us in April or May. I know they’re hoping to, which means they’re doubting it, which means they won’t even get a passport.

This that is no way to live. And I know in that case, I definitely desire more for them than what they think they want than what they settle for. I’ve healed myself of a heap of things with this. Yeah, from mental conditions, like diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to health conditions that I’ve had for decades, including some weird things like flat foot, you know, my left foot was diagnosed as flat, you know, all sorts of other conditions to gay. I’ve doubled my income many times with this.

And we’re working right now with the candidate candidate 2018 package where I’m describing some of my error process with taking our businesses up to seven figures per year. So here’s my thing. By the way, I’ve won seven figures a year some people say,

Well, how much money in one person who want it ain’t about the money, it’s about the game. How many wins? Can you have? How many wins? Can you inspire other people to have? How much fun Can you have with this? Because I wouldn’t mind owning most of the valley here. We own a house next to us, there’s another house, I wouldn’t mind owning both of them and the property across the street just so I can do what I want. Because I’ve got vision. And my buddies got a nice home next to me. And there is a vacant lot, potentially for sale across the way here.

But I’ve got this thing called vision. You hear it? I noticed most people are terrified. they settle for goals. they settle for an outcome instead of their vision. There’s a reason why I did the main thing back when I was 41. I mean Honest to God, imagine going to a judge and explaining this to them. I did it worked. Here I am Mr. 2020. So here’s the deal, guys.

I want you to live by vision. crass commercial, get manifesting mastery. If you’ve done that get manifesting to the max. Because what’s coming up if you got both of those under your belt, you’ll be glad you did. Let’s have some fun. Live your vision manifesting…

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