Mystery AU| Fem.Izuku; Bitch Bakugou| Read Description for AU explanation| Will Be a Reaction (18+?)

Okay so I’ll first start with the explanation of Female Izuku’s quirk
Quirk Name: Copycat
Quirk Explanation: Has both the Abilities of a cat and can copy a quirk enhancing the physical attributes of the power making it stronger and exceeding the limitations of the quirk and makes it a quirk of her own. (works by looking at someone, when she looks at someone she sees every detail of that person’s quirk and personality)

Past Explanation: Izuku had wanted to be friends with Bakugou but because Izuku only had the cat features, Bakugou deemed her as a Useless Neko and often called her Deku. Bakugou grew up extremely spoiled by both his parents and teachers, along with the constant praise of other children. His pride and ego are very high. When it came to middle school (Junior High) anytime Bakugou saw Izuku and they were alone he would assault her and use his quirk on her and he did this till the 2nd year of Middle School (Age of Consent in Japan is 13) Bakugou had told Izuku to meet him in the library after school because Izuku was terrified of what he would do if she didn’t show, therefore she went and because no one not even teachers use the library after school and are usually all gone, Bakugou got away with Raping Izuku. Izuku eventually, convinced her dad (All For One) to let her do online school, and he agreed. Izuku never told anyone about what happened THAT day and her scars can’t be healed. Izuku was then later was diagnosed by doctor Kyudai Garaki(The Doctor that attends to All For One) with PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) meaning she when she gets panic attacks her scars reopen, her worst scar is around her neck where Bakugou had started choking her while using his quirk which nearly destroyed her vocal cords. Bakugou had only got into UA because no evidence of his crimes was reported by the school and the school never knew about what he was doing to Izuku.

Izuku later Occasionally had gone with Shigiraki to see what his missions were about because Izuku doesn’t really like All Might, during the fight against All For One, All Might had caused the death of her mother (Izuku was 6 at the time) the reason All for One looks fine is because Izuku was Injured during their fight and was taken to recovery girl who was on stand by taking care of casualties. When Izuku saw Recovery girl healing people she used her quirk to copy hers and store it so she can heal her dad. She eventually after the fight found her dad and because her quirk is the enhanced version of Recovery Girl she has a larger healing scale without draining the persons’ energy or needs to kiss them but to just look at them to heal them.

Izuku isn’t a villain but just lives with them because they’re her family she doesn’t take part in villainy, whatsoever. She calls Shigiraki “Ten-Ten” because she knew him as her big brother Tenko. It is not a DekuToga/TogaDeku ship (the ship should be obvious if Izuku is a cat 😗)(it’s not Aizawa x Deku either I’m not a toxic shipper!)
ShinFemDeku is the Ship. Don’t like it? Leave. 🔫🙂
Izuku’s name didn’t change from Izuku. She did however kill 2 people. That being Muscular and Overhaul, why? Because they attempted and did hurt children. That’s why Eri and Kota are with the League.

If you have any questions about the AU and/or Characters please go ahead and ask away!

The song used is I’m Still Standing cover by Annapantsu.

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