My Life With Complex PTSD – NO weed Day 1 (25 years addiction)

In this video I am using it to offload and share my experience of giving up weed again. I have been addict for 25 years but I am determined to give up for good. Never say never as that has seen me do things I never thought I would eg, selling my body but I hope I can do it. I want to model good behaviour and coping mechanisms to my son, not detrimental drug addictions. I discuss, abuse, sexual abuse, rape, sex work, addiction to weed, crack, alcohol. coke and probably a load more of shit.

My videos are un edited I try not to watch them back cause if I did I would never post them. I get my words mixed up, sometimes talk complete shit and I get emotional. Everything you see is real and authentic. I do not do these for attention just cause I am trying to help me and I will hopefully someone else too. No one is alone we are struggling with something.

Anyway I am gonna stop justifying myself cause who knows if anyone ever watches let alone reads this stuff.

Love and Light Peeps

Source: Youtube