Mindfulness Made Easy – Getting Started

Mindfulness is a very important tool to incorporate into any mental health journey and was critical for me. This video will provide the basics to get started “practicing” mindfulness.

You do not have to sit in yoga position to get the benefits of mindfulness, let me teach you the easy steps that anyone can use and practice!

** Mindfulness Steps – Easy to Practice **
1. Get comfortable in any position. I sat in my comfy recliner, yes in reclined position.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Focus on keeping my eyes closed and feeling my eyelids touching.
4. Now take a deep breath, feel your chest fill and then exhale.
5. Now move to just focusing on your normal breathing.
6. While just focusing on normal breathing, start thinking about in, out, in, out.
7. Then add focus on thinking about the air coming into the lungs, the chest and all the way to your stomach; then as it comes back out, feel the chest and mid region of your body sink and then the air move through your nose and mouth.
8. Continue just feeling the air and body move in, out, in out.

** Book Recommendations **
The book that started my Mindfulness Journey:
Full Catastrophe Living – Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Later in my journey – the book that really made a difference for me:
Mindfulness Skills for Trauma and PTSD – Practices for Recovery and Resilience by Rachel Goldsmith Turow

** Personal Safety Plan **
Make sure you have a Plan in place when dark thoughts of suicide or harming thoughts occur, or darkness of depression sets in.

Download Personal Safety Plan at

================= INTRODUCTION ====================
My journey has been working towards recovery from PTSD (Post- traumatic stress disorder), Complex-PTSD, Post-concussion syndrome (PCS), depression, suicidal ideations and a myriad of physical issues that manifested after an accident.

I am not a medical or mental health professional, but rather just someone wanting to share information through a channel I wish I had found at the beginning of my PTSD journey.

If you are in any phase of mental health journey check this channel out and hit ‘subscribe’ to get updates when new learnings are shared and join into a discussion below with comments.

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