Meet Tiger King's Joshua Dial: Husband, PTSD Survivor, Ketamine Patient

Joshua Dial is a husband, father, and #PTSD survivor but is best known for his appearance on the hit Netflix series, Tiger King, where he managed the gubernatorial campaign for Joe Exotic. We here at Ketamine Wellness Centers began treating Joshua’s #depression and PTSD in mid-2020 and documented portions of his journey towards healing and wellness through the breakthrough #therapeutics of #ketamine infusion treatments.

Joshua takes us through where he was at in life prior to receiving this treatment, the conditions he struggles with, what his expectations were going into our clinical program, and what the entire experience was like for him over the course of his treatment program. Joshua also describes the immediate relief he felt, as well as the gradual cessation of the benzodiazepine medications that were adversely affecting him. Everybody from Joshua’s husband to his family to his fans have noticed a massive change in him, from his mood to disposition to his energy levels. We are thrilled to see Joshua thriving and are honored to part of his journey towards wellness and healing.

Ketamine infusion therapy can restore your function so that you are finally able to pursue avenues of healing and get back to living your best life.

There is hope. There is help.


Source: Youtube