Me Too? Manage Sexual Assault PTSD Every Day w/Linda Kay Gifford: File Your Trauma on an Open Shelf!

{5/20/21} *Today- Washington is such a wicked carnival that we almost forgot the “WaterGaetz and Gates Pathetic Limp Dicked Trash Show” going on!..
Soooo STRESSED this week! Let’s talk about ways to put our excellent compartmentalization skills to GOOD work, PTSD Survivors! What once allowed us to duck out emotionally and survive, can now help us consciously deal with life’s stressors. We can compartmentalize them, and file them into mental storage until the appropriate time to deal with them… which, FYI, is NOT when you need to be sleeping, relaxing, or having fun! File the crap for later! Live-streaming a quickie soon…

*Yes, I own, but I am also a SWEET Survivor!
Daily trigger management, PTSD coaching, and Survivor advocacy – Whether or not you have been personally abused, you are a SURVIVOR! You have survived a sick society that is structured to demoralize and commoditize girls, women, and those most vulnerable and accessible to the perverts who prey upon us.
Now learn to THRIVE with me, Linda Kay Gifford. I am the Survivor of several years of childhood sexual abuse, and author of “SELF TALK – My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Abuse”, and “How to the get from TRIGGER to HAPPY – An Abuse Survivors Guide to a Thriving Life!”
Surviving has no graduation date. It is the day to day process of managing triggers that can, otherwise, lead to life disruptive – indeed… life destructive – reactions and behaviors. Let’s stop that crap, okay? Join me in a wonderful adventure out of your fears and into your destiny!

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