MARVEL NETFLIX Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder

Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder

The Ochelli Effect 12-18-2017 Regular Joe , Dylan Wade , Daniel Louis Crumpton

When we sit down with regular listener Joe , Young alternative thinker Dylan Wade and Down Loaded Content Creator Daniel Louis Crumpton to discuss the BEST series in the Netflix Marvel Universe , one might have a hard time guessing what the focus will be. This completes the series on Chuck’s favorite Comic Book hero as observed in the most recent and only long form illustration. Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder how history continues to rhyme like Mark Twain mentioned , and what the meaning of it all turns into when pop-culture meets personal and global realities. Critique of film making , casting m acting , script design , and overall realism are also discussed at length in a two hour exploration that includes everyone hoping that there will be a season 2/ By the way Iron Fist Sucked. and PPS Shane might not have been a real bad guy on The Walking Dead , but these are matters for other days.

The Ochelli Effect doen’t review many T.V. shows or movies , but if listeners want we will do more based on YOUR suggestions. Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder was a personal piece for Chuck for many reasons. With the help of Joe , Dylan , and Daniel we hope you enjoyed it and have given greater thought to what , and why things are created for audience consumption.

Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder

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