Managing Fear, Mental Illness, and Dissociation while Starting My First YouTube Channel

In this video, I discuss how I manage my fear and fight through the internal mental health issues I struggle with by continually challenging myself throughout this video. Making this video on fear and following through anyway was one of the most difficult challenges to date.

You will also meet Luce in this video. She is a new therapy kitten that truly helps me through all of my days of depression and bipolar episodes. She is the sweetest little sidekick. I will read her all the comments she gets on my videos.

I open up my mind and heart and make myself completely vulnerable to help others that might be struggling with the same issues or fears.

My biggest takeaway is that I have created all of my own obstacles. Now I recognize my mistakes, faults, and assumptions. This is great news! Because I am certain that what I create, I can remove, correct, and re-learn.

Note: In this video, you will see a few instances of fast blinking and little noises. These are signs I am fighting dissociative pulls. I was medically diagnosed in late 2019 with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it has become a difficult task to communicate in any social aspect without showing external signs of struggle. I work extremely hard on healing my childhood trauma and ongoing issues regarding my PTSD.

At the end of the video, there is an unknown other (part/alter). I hope to see you again.

This video shows how I work through my struggle. Answering the questions, I am asking to find out how I honestly feel. I no longer accept “I don’t know” as an answer in my life. Being honest with myself has been the most important aspect of my progress.

Be sure to check out my next video and see how this first video shoot ended. I will also be tackling my fear of heights. Thank you for watching, subscribing, and drop Luce a thumbs up. I will see you next Wednesday.

Stay strong, and we will all Endure to Bloom.

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