Lisa Danylchuk Helps You Deal with Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“How You Can Heal Again: a Strength-Based Guide for Trauma and Recovery” is the latest book of yoga instructor and life coach Lisa Danylchuk.

You’re saying “I’m okay”. But you don’t feel okay. Your body is not moving as fast as your brain. Or maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that “you’re okay” and remembering something over and over. If that is happening, you’re suffering from trauma or post traumatic stress disorder.

Lisa Danylchuk walks you through the process of understand your own struggles and prepares you start the healing process even if you don’t want to talk about it yet. “Create the foundation, things you can already do, things you can do to start the healing process in the moment. You don’t need to wait for therapy.”

And what is trauma? It really depends. Some people move on from things quickly. Others have a big reaction in their body and fell unwell for quite some time – the physiological response to trauma in your body is different from person to person.

In her book, Lisa combines both practical clinic advice and yoga expertise so that your mind and your body are at the same stage. “There’s ways to craft that”, she assures.

Lisa’s wonderful book “How You Can Heal” is available now on Amazon:

“Not only for those healing from trauma, but also for those offering support to those who are healing. Lisa’s loving and caring voice is prominent on every page. There is a great balance of explanation and practice. I appreciate the numerous practices offered in each chapter to help build resilience and resource.”
– Laura Webber

Source: Youtube