Lead in uncertain times: Be brave, be kind, be bold! | Christoph von Toggenburg | TEDxSarabhaNagar

In challenging times, people look for guidance, hope and clarity. How can you become a better leader for yourself and others, in uncertain times?

Starting with self-leadership, Christoph von Toggenburg shares his insights from his expeditions, from his decade-long humanitarian work on the frontlines of conflict and from his experiences as a CEO working with Global Leaders.
15 years in leadership roles in different organizations and countries in conflict all over the world have taught him a lot about failure, mistakes, success, and ultimately how to lead with boldness and humility. Christoph has observed many similarities in the way effective leadership works He is an agile, innovative team player & leader with global experience in public-private partnerships, humanitarian emergencies & negotiations, communications and the arts. Having led large teams, He bases his decisions on sound analysis, listening &
collaboration. I set ambitious & pragmatic objectives through management expertise as well as cross-cultural skills. I worked in South America (2y), Asia (2y), Africa (1y), Europe (7y) and the Middle East (5y). I am fluent in five languages, fanatic about sports and hold four international university degrees. His personal mantra is: ’Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Bold! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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