Knocky, Knocky | Dorrie's Closet Of Horrors (Rated R) – Episode 1

Knock, knocky who’s there? Dorrie’s Closet of Horrors! I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and with it comes many flashbacks. Mine is different for I am also Autistic stuck as a child forever am I.

So knock knock which memory discus today? Let’s go to Twitter and find out together for it is time for Dorrie to come out and play.

This series will be Rated A for – Adult Only -. The second it gets ported to BitChute I will change the settings. It is highly recommended that nobody with a history of trauma or abuse watch this series. I will be discussing all of it in graphic detail.

#FreeDorrie ##TheStoryOfDorrie #JusticeForDorrie

Source: Youtube