Kamala Harris & Veterans: The Outright Lies of Disinformation

There’s a copypasta of disinformation going around about Kamala Harris and the VA. I’ll post it plus a fact check by USA Today below:

The Copypasta:

Comment from Kamala regarding VA facilities
“The United States government cannot continue to pay for the every need of what has become a special class of citizen. Veterans are equal to us, not better than. Veterans Affairs coddles them. It creates a dependency upon us which is not doing these former soldiers any good. They need to learn to live on their own two feet and be responsible adults.
The easiest way to assist them on this journey is to cut them off. Within these next four years, we will be shuttering the VA, taking away soldier welfare. The money saved will go to better use in assisting refugee families. These poor folks seek asylum with us and need a boost and it is our responsibility as a nation to provide it.
So here’s a message to the soldier boys. Get a job.”

USA Today Fact Check:

“Throughout her career, Harris has been a proponent of decreased military spending and increased aid to veterans and their families.

During Harris’ presidential campaign, she released a plan to expand Veteran Affairs health care and housing benefits to veterans that received other-than-honorable discharges for misconduct related to post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

“This is for me about seeing the veteran in the complexity of your life. You have done so much for your country, and we owe you that we will see you in the full dimension of the life that you live,” she said at a Sept. 7, 2019, campaign event, according to CNN.”

Regarding the VA under Trump:

Source: Youtube