JUGGERNAUT GLITCH BULLISH! (Warzone) [PTSD CHAT & Suicide awareness]

Juggernaut Glitch is BULLISH! (Warzone Moments)

I know we are only a few days from the new season but the fact we have been hung out to dry for this long with no fixes or nerfs or buffs on anything, makes me think poorly of the next season. What do you guys think??

If you are her for the very personal convo fast forward to about the 16:42 mark of the video. Trying to get the message out there, so any help from you guys, sharing it, will help and be greatly appreciated. Talks of ptsd, depression and anxiety. If you are reading this, you are loved and cared about. Just sayin. Share that knowledge.

#warzone #warzoneglitch #ptsd

Source: Youtube