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SCP-1587; Euclid; Essokinetic SCP
Containment Procedures: As of the writing of this article, the prevention of SCP-1587 instances is not yet known. As such, personnel assigned to SCP-1587 are to be on high alert surrounding widely recognized holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years.
Description: SCP-1587 is an event in which one or multiple persons are “invited” to a certain party or event centered on a specific holiday. These subjects receive some form of communication, usually in some sort of video format, that resembles an invitation created on the VHS format, popular in the late 70s and 80s. These videos are seemingly corrupted or damaged to various extents, with the sound and visuals being distorted and possibly unrecognizable.
The contents of said videos, hereby referred to as SCP-1587-1, is a seemingly harmless invitation to some holiday themed “bash” or party, with notable deviations, disturbances and derailing occurrences (See Document 1587-1 for example). Although all instances of SCP-1587-1 resemble that of a VHS video format, they are more commonly received in modern formats, i.e. emails from untraceable accounts.
All instances of SCP-1587-1 share another notable similarity, aside from that aforementioned listed ones, that being the presence of at least one, but usually two, distinct entities. The first entity, SCP-1587-2, has no definitive appearance and was originally only discernable by its title of the “host” of SCP-1587 events (See Addendum 1587-1). The second entity, SCP-1587-3, occasionally appears in instances of SCP-1587-1 alongside SCP-1587-2. SCP-1587-3 has the general appearance of a human male in all SCP-1587-1 instances, but nothing else is known of it. Its face and full appearance are always obscured and its title is either redacted or not included.
Upon viewing SCP-1587-1 instances, two outcomes are possible. If the subject views it after the promoted holiday, nothing occurs. However, if the instance is viewed within a time frame of up to 340 hours prior to midnight of the event (Windows vary), the subject will be anomalously abducted upon the reaching of the advertised holiday in whatever time-zone they are currently in. Recovered victims have no recollection of how they were taken away, and the timeframe leading up to their abduction is hazy. Subjects will be returned to the location they were originally in exactly 23.5 hours after abduction.
Despite having no memory of the past 23.5 hours, all subjects suffer severe mental anguish and trauma from whatever they experienced, with no distinguishable signs of physical trauma. They also develop an acute fear of their respective holiday, akin to post-traumatic stress disorder. It is currently unknown how SCP-1587 subjects are decided, nor how many there have been.
Addendum 1587-1: Upon the Foundation’s cataloguing of SCP-1587, every recovered instance of SCP-1587-1 have anomalously changed all mentions of SCP-1587-2 from “the host” to simply “SCP-1587.” Mentions of SCP-1587-3 have not altered.

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