Jamie Turndorf Why Magnesium Helps Heal PTSD

Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews psychologist and author Jamie Turndorf about why magnesium helps heal post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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Questions explored in this interview include:
What is PTSD?
How does chronic stress change our brain?
How does magnesium deficiency contribute to PTSD?
What foods deplete magnesium in the body?
How do depression, anxiety and panic attacks occur when magnesium stores are low?
If a doctor tells you that your blood test shows you have normal magnesium levels, doesn’t that mean you are not Mg deficient?
What is the most accurate way to test magnesium levels?
Can you overdose on magnesium?
Is transdermal magnesium safe for children and pregnant women?
Can’t we just take an oral magnesium supplement?
Can magnesium protect against environmental chemicals, such as fluoride and glyphosate?
Could the low thyroid epidemic be linked to chemical exposure combined with low magnesium?
Why is transdermal magnesium the best way for a body to absorb magnesium?
Why does Jamie Turndorf believe magnesium is the most important mineral to supplement even if other minerals are also depleted?
Why is an organic, whole foods diet essential for healing PTSD?

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