Introduction to The Bible Cure for PTSD

Words Bloom applies God’s word—according to His written directions—to her Post Traumatic Stress Disordered life because after almost 40 years of countless therapies and medications, doctors and therapists still don’t have the answer but God has the cure, and it’s been in the Bible all along.

This channel contains truth, thoughts and opinions that may offend. Not Word Bloom’s truth but Bible truth. If you can’t handle having your truth challenged without getting upset or triggered, please do not subscribe or watch any video on this channel.

This is a Bible study—it’s not medical advice or therapy—and is for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing on this channel is intended to substitute the advice or treatment provided by a medical doctor or mental health professional. Do not stop a treatment or medication without consulting your doctor because doing so can be harmful and might even be life-threatening.

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