Into the Revelia | S2E7: Something’s Wrong With Pinky | Tabletop Tiddies

The party deals with Wilmer’s increasingly problematic nose, before proving their worth as trusted allies to Locke and The Toymaker! Featuring a cameo of podgie as Sophie, The Chandler Of Flesh.

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Content Warnings: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, paralysis, child like monsters, marionettes and clowns, insects and maggot like creatures, bullying, gaslighting, coercion, mind control

Dungeon Master: Charlene Bayer
Executive Producers: Charlene Bayer & Emily Matchette
Cast & Producers: Charlene Bayer, Emily Matchette, Kelly Wright, Sara Mayfield, Rachel Theilade
Special Guests:
Editor: Emily Matchette
Sound Engineer: Kelly Wright
Logo Design: Kelly Wright


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