Independent States of Consciousness in 2 Brain Hemispheres: IMPLICIT REVELATIONS: 4/2/20

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April 2nd, 2020: Observing Independent States of Consciousness within Two Brain Hemispheres: Kristin Windsor’s Implicit Revelations Case Study


From 2011-2020, Kristin Windsor invested in deep research and self-healing to discover hidden truths of her implicit health challenges, expand healing potentials, and transform automated styles of personal experience from the inside-out. She successfully achieved these goals through her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study and now JOYously and ecstatically shares her journey and thrilling discoveries through her KNOWN documentary series!!

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Part 1 shares Kristin’s full healing journey story.
Part 2 shares Kristin’s “Implicit Revelations Case Study” with dozens of theses and a few theories.
Part 3 shares documentary footage by Haley Stern of Kristin Windsor during June 2019, back when Kristin could not create conscious, explicit memories due to the severity of her trauma-related health challenges.

Video captions and the official website share further insight!

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Kristin Windsor is a consciousness consultant who helps others understand and heal their unconscious minds. She began offering her services as a healing journey guide in 2015 and expanded into consciousness consulting in 2017. She uplifts individuals into their personal power by helping them rewire neural data to liberate parts of consciousness. After working with a large variety of clientele, Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy has gained a steady five-star rating with 100% client satisfaction. Men and women, from their 20’s to their 50’s, from the USA to Australia, have experienced transformative benefits from her original methodology.

After over one hundred doctors in a ten year period deemed her disabling health conditions “incurable,” she invested three years in full-time case studies and self-healing during her mid-twenties. She discovered the neuroscience of her diagnosis, dissociative identity disorder, while mapping unconscious realms and fully healing herself. Kristin spent over 2,000 hours exploring her brain’s neural networks through self-hypnosis; unsurfaced suppressed childhood trauma that had provoked divergent neurodevelopment; reprogrammed decades of fragmented experiences; and radically rewired her brain-body systems. In collaboration with Dr. Luka Musich, Kristin’s case studies involved thousands of hours of daily research, gradually connecting the dots between neuroscience and trauma-related experiences to discover new knowledge. She independently cultivated over one hundred self-administered techniques that increased oxygen and blood flow, brain wave and nervous system regulation, mind-body connectivity, integration of unconscious memories, neural network reconstruction, prefrontal cortex engagement, and integration between left and right brain hemispheres.

Without any professional aid or guidance, Kristin successfully transformed hundreds of trillions of neural pathways carrying twenty years of indescribably severe traumatic-stress. She single-handedly resolved chronic, severe battles with: anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, traumatic-stress, flashbacks, depression, suicidality, substance addiction and dependency, bipolar disorder, dysregulation throughout all nervous systems, complex division of memories, fragmentation of self, severe amnesia, oxygen deprivation (requiring 700 hours of self-administered oxygen therapy), self-harm, insomnia, night terrors, obsessive-compulsions, over forty types of severe dissociation, mind-body disconnectivity, inabilities for self-recognition, selective mutism, aphasia, body dysphoria, psychosis, disrupted attachment development, malnutrition, eating disorders, severe body tics and tremors, and mini-stroke and seizure-styled experiences.



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