I Caught My C-PTSD Attack on Camera (Dissociative Emotional Flashback)

Hi, I’m Leif E. Greenz and today I’m dissecting a mental breakdown I had while trying to film a video about madness and creativity. I’m going to take you through the breakdown from trigger to emotional processing so that you can see what a PTSD attack might look like from start to finish.

Remember: Symptoms are different for everyone. This is just an example of the way my symptoms sometimes manifest. I would call this specific episode a dissociative emotional flashback.

If you’re in the middle of a mental health crisis, reach out to someone you trust. That may be a hotline or it may be a trusted friend. Try to process some of what you’re feeling and remember that emotions always pass. I love and believe in you.

Thank you for watching this. I hope you learned something or at least found solace in shared experiences. I care about you all very much.

Leif E. Greenz


End song is Skateboarding by me!

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